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Outside of chapel

Inside of chapel

The farm Rainhill, situated only 4 km out of Rustenburg, is rich in character and seeped in history dating from the early 1900's. To complement this, a new addition has been built, namely The Chapel.

Simon Hartley designed and built the Chapel in such a way that one always feels part of the natural surroundings even while seated inside. The Chapel is situated at the foot of the Magaliesburg mountains and during its construction as little as possible of the natural vegetation was removed or damaged. The front of the Chapel boasts a huge clear glass window in the shape of a cross, allowing a magnificent view of the trees and Magaliesburg mountain. A further feature is the building style of the Chapel. Rainhill Chapel has been built in the 'wattle and daub' style, which uses bluegum poles built into the walls as supports. These poles then have a thatch core constructed between them onto which mud is plastered. This building style is in keeping with that used on the rest of the farm since the 1930's and which gives Rainhill Farm its "olde-world" charm.

At the back of the Chapel, over the main entrance, is a wooden gallery. The finishing touches are provided by the wooden pews and copper light fittings, all of which were handmade on the farm. The bluegum poles supporting the walls and roof, as well as the Jacaranda wood for the window sills and Silver Oak for the altar top, were all cut from trees grown on Rainhill Farm.

This is a truly "hand made" chapel and special wedding or baptism venue.